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The Art of Harnessing User feedback

How best-in-class mobile apps make the most of their user data with unitQ and Helpshift

What is in this webinar?

Whether you’re looking to improve your app product-market fit, grow MAU, or prepare for an app launch or new feature, join our webinar about The Art of Harnessing User Feedback to learn how you can build a flawless in-app experience, improve your product quality and customer retention. We’ll explore how to serve developers, CX leaders, product managers and QA teams the insights they need to expedite the product innovation flywheel.

The stairway to the future of app support starts with a foundation of feedback. Collect and analyze feedback and crash reports, with the metadata and knowledge needed to iterate on your product and ultimately provide an outstanding experience through your app.


What will you take away?

  • How to best collect app user feedback so you can analyze and fix issues faster and  to make better product decisions?
  • Learn how some of the top apps in the world manage user feedback.
  • Learn how to build better product faster that will retain your users in your app.