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The Art of Creating an Exceptional Global User Experience

How to create an exceptional mobile user experience globally with AppFollow, KantanAI & Helpshift

What is in this webinar?

The world is becoming smaller, as well as becoming more complex. Competition in mobile apps is fierce, users expect personalized experiences and immediate responses or they will leave your app and go to your competitor. Personalized approach both in-product and when communicating with app users. At the same time, companies are being affected by a global workforce crisis which makes customer experience rising expectations difficult to meet. Your users prefer you to speak their language and quite literally: nearly 94% of the world’s population does not speak English as their first language. At least 75% of the population do not speak English as a second language. And there are over 7,000 languages spoken on earth and no human who can speak or comprehend even one percent of them.

A select panel of industry experts discuss how to create exceptional user experiences worldwide, increase user satisfaction and retention and make the most of user’s feedback to build better app experiences.


What will you take away?

  • Keys to provide an always on, best-in class, localized user experience and communication at each step of the user journey.
  • Learn some of the best practices to scale successfully an app globally whilst maintaining cost.
  • How to implement automation without impacting CSAT or user retention.

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