Webinar The True Cost of Player Support

What's in this Webinar?
Player support is fundamental for successful player experiences. Unfortunately, player support teams are sometimes surprised by the costs associated with keeping players in the game—especially if they don’t have a long-term investment strategy. Join player support veteran, Peter Gerson, Sr. Manager of Player Solutions at Keywords Studios, as we discuss key findings in The True Cost of Player Support report, including how to position your support organization as a critical stakeholder in protecting customer acquisition and retention investments.

Who is this Webinar for?
This webinar is for gaming studios on the fast track. Your player base is growing and your next challenge is to develop a plan for expanding into new markets. You want to punch above your weight to meet, and even exceed, your player needs, but you’re not sure which tools and investments will support your growth and expansion goals. You’re also not sure what sort of new challenges might await your team as you look to meet the needs of players in different languages and time zones. You’re in search of localization and support strategies to deliver the greatest cost optimization for your particular game type and your player issue volume. This webinar will give you the frameworks for evaluating the player support costs related to scaling to the next level of growth.

What you’ll learn

  • How to balance the competing goals of managing support costs, improving customer satisfaction, and protecting player acquisition and retention investments
  • The hidden costs and soft influences that affect your decision for locating your agent support centers
  • The factors that are important when evaluating the total-cost-per-agent of standing up and scaling a support center
  • Case studies and best practices for scaling player support and tips for measuring success by size of game operation
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