The Discord Extension: Conversational Support Wherever You Go

What's in this Webinar?
Discord has emerged as a natural place for players and user communities to meet, exchange tips, and get support, but supporting millions of engaged players off your app can be daunting. We’ll explore why players are choosing Discord as their preferred method of engagement, why it’s critical for gaming companies to have an active presence on this channel, and how Helpshift’s new Discord Extension enables customer support teams to deliver a fully automated help experience inside Discord that feels like a natural extension of the in-game or in-app experience.

What you’ll learn

  • Why Discord should be a part of your overall customer service strategy, common challenges brands have when adding a new support channel, and best practices for implementation.
  • How the Discord Extension works, including how support teams can engage with Discord users through direct messaging, enabling chatbots and automation to partially or fully resolve issues, delivering links for self-service, and automating bug reporting
  • How to use Discord to simplify agent operations, maintain user loyalty and retention, and deliver faster responses and resolutions in 180 languages
  • How to easily integrate your Discord servers with Helpshift’s Discord Extension