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Re-Emerging with New Operating Models

COVID-19 as a Catalyst to Drive Best Practices with Customers

What is in this webinar?

Watch on-demand! COVID-19 has brought about a dramatic change to nearly every aspect of the relationships Financial Services companies have with their customers. The recent, prolonged spike in customer calls, a need to understand the broad repository of customer data, and meeting the always-on customer service expectations are all being serviced on a mishmash of home-grown and legacy technology platforms.

What the pandemic has highlighted is the fact that the Financial Services industry is playing catch up to other industries in terms of capabilities and digital maturity. New operating models, a workforce equipped to operate seamlessly – whether remote or otherwise – and the ability to adapt to pivotal change are areas where reform is a certainty. But how do we get there?

In partnership with Cisco, a select panel of industry experts discuss how the Financial Services industry will redefine its best practices as we all fight through and emerge from the COVID-19 pandemic.


What will you take away?

  • How to build equitable remediation and retention plans for customers who have been hit hardest by the pandemic’s economic fallout
  • What it takes to adopt a proactive, customer-centric communication process
  • How to streamline customer experiences with AI-powered omni-channel support
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