Mobile Game: Immersion: How to Keep Players Engaged

What's in this Webinar?
According to support data from Helpshift’s top gaming customers, 33% of reported issues from players are related to gameplay problems, such as bugs and crashes. Learn how to address these problems fast to keep your players immersed in the game. In this webinar, co-hosted by Unity Technologies and Backtrace, you’ll learn how to ​leverage an ecosystem of tools—from development to customer support to error detection—to proactively identify problems, implement quicker fixes, and deliver more seamless gameplay experiences.

Throughout the webinar, you’ll also hear how Halfbrick—makers of the wildly popular Fruit Ninja franchise—improved time-to-first response, average-time-to-resolution, and more by using Helpshift and Backtrace to manage bug reporting and crash management between their support and development teams.2020 forced many companies to restructure and take face-to-face services digital. Find out why Ben Terrill, Director of Customer Experience at Brex think bots saved the day.

What you’ll learn

  • How to improve response times by implementing a seamless process to prioritize critical errors
  • How to reduce the backlog driven by email-based support, up-level customer excellence, and retain more players with Helpshift
  • How Halfbrick uses Unity, Helpshift, and Backtrace to be more proactive and keep their users playing the game