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Helpshift 2023: Product Sneak Peek!

Join Helpshift on Thursday May 18 at 8 AM PDT as we showcase the key feature launches and improvements of the past quarter and how your team can use them to improve your player support experience while enhancing agent productivity. In this webinar, you’ll get an insiders look at our newest features:
  • Outbound Support
  • Smart FAQs
  • QR Enabled Console Support
  • Automatic Intent Assignment
  • Bot Enhancements including rich branching and more

What You'll Learn

  • > 80% of unhappy players will simply leave and stop playing, how your team can use outbound support to proactively engage your players
  • Create and execute VIP player churn interception campaigns by combining our new Outbound feature with enhanced bot automations
  • Deliver higher CSAT and resolve issues faster with Smart FAQs
  • Build a cross-gaming platform player engagement strategy by leveraging in-app and QR enabled support