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Data Democratization: Making Data Available and Understandable Across the Organization

What's in this webinar?

Data democratization is the practice of ungating access to data within an organization and empowering even those with no technical know-how to easily use it to make more informed decisions on behalf of the company.

In this webinar from #ProductCon, the largest product management conference in the world, Marily Nika, Product Lead at Google, speaks with product management leaders from Quantum Metric, GoodData, Devbridge, and Helpshift about best practices for making data more accessible company-wide, breaking down organizational silos, using data to truly benefit the customer, and more.

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • How making data available to everyone requires a company culture shift.
  • Why it’s important to clearly define your data objectives and quality requirements.
  • Why data should be used for product development all the way through to customer support.


Erik Ashby

Director, Product Management