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Customer Spotlight: Paymentshield

Reducing Agent Burnout While Increasing CSAT Through AI-Driven Intent and Custom Bots

Watch the Discussion On-Demand

Watch this 45-minute webinar to find out how Paymentshield decreased resolution time, saved time to their agents, improved customer satisfaction whilst reducing cost in weeks (not months!).

What Will You Take Away?

  • Effective ways to reduce agent burnout and overload

  • Strategies to put an end to long telephony queues

  • Shorten resolution time immediately

  • Tips to increase your CSAT from 3.7 to 4.2 without adding headcount


The Backstory

When COVID started, Paymenthield was struggling to keep up with growing customer inquiries. Requests skyrocketed, resulting in an inundation of calls and emails. Agents were overloaded, and clients were forced to sit in a telephony queue for an extended amount of time or wait multiple days for email responses. Because they're “obsessed with customer service”, Paymentshield turned to Helpshift to enhance their support operations and reduce the load being placed on their agents.

Paymentshield saw a huge impact within just a week of implementing Helpshift, including a remarkable decrease in resolution time and an uptick in inquiries being solved entirely through self-service. Register for the webinar now to find out how they did it.


Liz Martin
Customer Advocacy Manager, Paymentshield

James Scholes
Process Improvement Coordinator, Paymentshield

Alisa Streifler
Customer Success Manager, Helpshift