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The Complete Guide to In-App Support SDKs

Supporting App Users and Developers From Pre-Launch Through Ongoing Use


Who Should Download?

Developers, coders, and designers.


What this eBook covers

As a developer, you know the fears and frustrations surrounding the implementation of new SDKs. This eBook debunks a few myths related to this process, specifically Helpshift’s SDKs. It also introduces Feedback+ SDK and SDK X, which will unlock the power of data for your customer experience, product and engineering teams. Overall, developers like yourself, can take advantage of a number of benefits when adopting our modern in-app support SDKs and everything you need to know is in this eBook.


What You'll Learn

  • How easy it is to implement Helpshift's SDKs

  • What Feedback+ SDK is and why you should implement it

  • Everything you need to know about SDK X



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