How Sophisticated is Your Customer Service Strategy

What this guide covers

Meeting, much less exceeding, these customer expectations has proved challenging for many companies. Phone support with reasonable wait times is simply not scalable, and too costly for companies to maintain as agents can only handle one phone call at a time. With only traditional support options available, ticket backlog will increase while customer satisfaction likewise decreases. Yet, most companies have not yet solved this problem; according to a recent Helpshift survey, over 50 percent of consumers give American customer service a “C” rating or below.

To help you achieve an “A” rating, this evaluation is designed to assess your current customer service strategy and help you progress with actionable next steps.


What you’ll learn

  • Truly Native Support
  • Robust Knowledge Management
  • Streamlined Workflow Management
  • Actionable Reporting
Helpshift eBook: How Sophisticated is Your Customer Service Strategy